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Beth Morris and Reagan Sauls Present at FY23 G-CASE Fall Conference

FY23 G-CASE Fall Conference

    Speaking Engagements
  • November 17, 2022

Beth Morris and Reagan Sauls are presenting at the FY23 G-CASE Fall conference. They will discuss the legal strategies regarding special education staffing. Beth and Reagan will talk through scenarios and how to plan ahead.

Beth and Reagan are also presenting a discussion on lessons from the front lines. This presentation will provide tips on due process hearings, OCR investigations, and complaints. They will discuss recent trends, themes, and lessons they learned from the past year’s cases and complaints.

G-CASE is organized to promote professional leadership, provide an opportunity for the study of problems common to its members, and to communicate through discussion and publications information that will develop improved services for exceptional children.

In addition, Samantha Lewis has two presentations at the conference called “Discipline and Students with Disabilities” and “Title IX Update.” Click here for more information.