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ESG Scores - How to Get an 'A' in Data Protection

OneTrust DataGuidance

  • January 23, 2023

Sarah Hutchins, Robert Botkin, and Noah Ganz wrote an article in OneTrust DataGuidance about three key areas to improve your organization’s ESG score as it relates to data privacy.

“Organizations are increasingly focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance ('ESG') and sustainability in an effort to highlight non-financial considerations that have long-term impacts on shareholder and stakeholder value,” they wrote. “By engaging in ESG initiatives, organizations can demonstrate to investors, regulators, and stakeholders their commitment to being good corporate citizens while also increasing the bottom line on their balance sheet.”

“With investors focused on the long-term financials of an organization, studies show that organizations with good ESG practices perform at least as well, if not better, than those organizations with poor ESG practices over the long term,” they continued. “Therefore, ESG-focused investors have coined this pairing of financial performance and being a good corporate citizen as 'doing well by doing good.’”

“As the ESG market matures, more topic areas are considered to be part of ESG. For instance, in the past few years, data privacy has become an integral part of ESG,” they wrote.

Click here to read the full article.

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