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Three Privacy and Cybersecurity Considerations for Edtech Vendors

EdTech Digest

  • February 22, 2023

Sarah Hutchins, Robert Botkin, Laura Lashley, and Adam Setzer co-authored an article in EdTech Digest about three key considerations for education technology (edtech) vendors seeking to expand their business in preschool to post-graduate (P-20) educational markets while maintaining compliance across fifty states.  

"The demand for edtech has exponentially increased over the last several years," they wrote. "According to Learn Platform, edtech usage has doubled since 2020 thanks to remote and online learning." "Some market analysts project the edtech industry growing from $250 billion to over $600 billion by 2027," they continued. "While trying to keep pace with the growing market size, vendors looking to capture market share must be keenly aware of the data privacy obligations, cybersecurity requirements, and breach response protocols required for their clients." 

"If you are an edtech vendor, you may be subject to the Child Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), Family Education Rights Protection Act (FERPA), and a myriad of state privacy, student privacy and data protection laws," they wrote. "Your business’s requirements can vary widely from state to state, from specific cybersecurity framework requirements to detailing exactly when data must be destroyed."

You can continue reading here: Three Privacy and Cybersecurity Considerations for Edtech Vendors

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