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Sarah Hutchins Quoted in Law360 on State Data Privacy Laws

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  • May 08, 2023

Sarah Hutchins was quoted in Law360 about the growing patchwork of state data privacy laws, which can make compliance burdensome.

"The more these laws occur and have nuances among them, the harder it becomes for businesses of a certain size that hold a certain amount of consumer data to comply with all these various laws and alert the public to their nuanced rights under these laws," Sarah said.

She also commented on the immediate steps companies should take to comply with new and impending privacy laws.

"It's getting harder to avoid these laws," Sarah said. "If we learned anything from the rollout of GDPR and California's law, it's that companies need to act immediately and be prepared as much as they can, but also leave room to pivot as the rules continue to evolve."

Subscribers can read the full article here: States Pile On Privacy Law Patchwork As Congress Stagnates

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