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The Best Practices to Secure Patents in M&A

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • November 29, 2023

Tasneem Dharamsi and Yaou Ren wrote in Mergers & Acquisitions about the best practices companies can take in securing patents when acquiring another company.

"Patents can play an important role in the ultimate value of a business to be acquired," Tasneem and Yaou wrote. "But without following best practices on the assessment and integration of patent portfolios, buyers can unintentionally forfeit the rights and value they thought they were acquiring."

"As companies enter into M&A negotiations and close transactions, there are several steps they can take to reduce such risks," they wrote. "Those steps may include proactively assessing the patent portfolio, developing a strategy for which patents to keep based on their business needs, ensuring proper recordation of the assignments, and teeing up payment of maintenance fees in the relevant jurisdictions."

The full November/December issue of Mergers & Acquistions can be found here, with Tasneem and Yaou's article appearing on page 29: The Best Practices to Secure Patents in M&A

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