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Sarah Hutchins Quoted in on Trends and Developments for 2024 in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity

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  • January 16, 2024

Sarah Hutchins was quoted in’s Cybersecurity Law & Strategy newsletter providing insights into the trends and developments to watch out for in 2024 in artificial intelligence, data privacy, and cybersecurity. Sarah covered a range of issues, from AI regulation to President Biden's executive order on AI to data breach reporting requirements for companies. 

"2023 was a year that many woke up to the possibilities of AI usage and 2024 may be a pivotal year on how widely it is embraced," Sarah said. "One trend that is likely to continue into 2024 is serious security breaches, both as bad actors use AI to become more precise in their attacks and also through taking advantage of increasing reliance by companies on third-party software services offering AI."

"Companies will need to consider their breach reporting requirements even earlier and as part of their initial response to a breach," Sarah said. "Some regulated entities have already been dealing with immediate regulatory notification requirements, but recent law changes have expanded impacted companies. It is increasingly important to prepare for a security breach ahead of time with the establishment and practicing of your incident response plan."

As AI is integrated into pillars of our society, companies will need to monitor regulatory updates to ensure compliance of their own AI practices, Sarah said. 

"Companies will continue to find new and innovative ways to integrate AI into their business models," Sarah said. "As this trend accelerates, it’s important these companies develop compliance policies and direct the appropriate employees on use parameters while accounting for the accuracy and security of their data. As more legal departments use AI, a reevaluation of bar guidance on ethics is likely necessary next year."

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