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How Might Parents' Bills of Rights Impact the Future of Collecting Student-Related Data?

K-12 Dive

  • March 14, 2024

Sarah Hutchins, Laura Lashley, and Will Barker wrote an article in K-12 Dive about how a growing number of states are passing or are considering "parents' bill of rights," and what that means for K-12 schools and vendors in terms of additional data privacy, data collection, and access to data obligations. 

"While some of these new statutes do nothing more than restate current federal and state law protections, others have more teeth," they wrote. "Some, for example, create broad additional state data privacy requirements on top of federal law that may require school districts and vendors to go back to the drawing board to determine compliance."

The attorneys wrote about how North Carolina's parents' bill of rights, SB 49, expands parents' access to instructional materials and information related to their child's education and health. 

"SB 49 requires public school districts to create policies that provide parents with information related to parental involvement in schools, legal rights for their child’s education and guides for student achievement," they wrote. "Schools must also provide parents with notifications on student physical and mental health, among other information, within specific timelines of a parent’s request."

"While much of SB 49 repeats state and federal protections that already exist, the bill significantly expands legal obligations in certain areas, particularly the collection of data from surveys and access to student information," they wrote.

Click here to read the full article: How Might Parents' Bill of Rights Impact the Future of Collecting Student-Related Data?

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Law clerk Hunter Snowden also contributed to this article.